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Ride Pace (avg mph)

Description guidelines

A   (17-19+mph) Expert/Highly Experienced. 17-19+ mph avg, – on flats >23 mph, Demanding terrain. Typically 30-60 miles. ‘A’ level rides drop slower riders unless otherwise specified.
B+ (16-18mph) Strong/Highly Experienced. 16-18 mph avg – on flats >20 mph. Hilly terrain & steep climbs. Typically 30-50 miles
B   (15-17mph) Strong/Experienced. 15–17 mph avg – on flats 18 mph. Moderately hilly/rolling terrain & steep climbs.Typically 30-50 miles.
C+ (14-16mph) Solid/Some Experience. 14–16 mph avg- on flats 17 mph. Moderately hilly/rolling terrain & steep climbs. Typically 25-40 miles.
C   (13-15mph) Solid. 13–15 mph avg – on flats 16 mph. Rolling terrain & moderate hills/climbs. Typically 20-30 miles.