2018 Giro del Cielo
Stage Race
Saturday & Sunday, July 7 and 8, 2018
USAC Permit# 2018-1266

Maxxis Garden State Cup events for Women 123, Men 123 and Men 45+
Women's Cat 4 Cup and the Men's Cat 3 Cup events

* No Cat 5s in Masters Race
Categories Registration Prize List
Women 1/2/3 GS Cup Registration closes at 11:59 pm Thursday, July 5th.
No race-day registration.
Includes USAC & NJBA fees
on-line registration only
$1550 Cash
Women 4/5 (Cat 4 Cup) $1550 Cash
Men Cat 1/2/3 GS Cup $1550 Cash
Men Cat 3 (Cat 3 Cup) $1550 Cash
Masters 45+ GS Cup * $1550 Cash
Men Cat 4 & 5 $1550 Cash

General Rules: All races will be scored according to a points system as per the Race Manual. .PDF All stage race rules and regulations in the 2018 USAC Rulebook are applicable to the races in this event. See www.skylandscycling.com for more details.

Cat 3 women will be scored separately and have a separate prize list in the Women 123 race.

Pre-register at www.bikereg.com.
Registration includes USAC & NJBA fees
Early entry Discounts:
$100 before June 9th
$110 before June 23th
$120 before July 6th
also $35/event (no GC points)

TT Start Times: Click Here (Sunday)

Results: Click for, All stages and GC

Photos 2018: by BikeRace.Pics

Race Report from Team TBD: Click here

Info: Email Wayne@SkylandsCycling.com