Officers and Board 2010
USAC 2006
USAC 2006
President Blake Hargrave blake@skylandscycling.com
Vice President Gene Victori gene@skylandscycling.com
Secretary Jackie Beck jackie@skylandscycling.com
Treasurer Greg Hampson greg@skylandscycling.com

Director/Racer Development Dan Mitchell dan@skylandscycling.com
Director/ Rec & Social Activities Buz Tomasino buz@skylandscycling.com
Director/Racing Open ... ...
Director/at Large Gary Worth gary@skylandscycling.com
Director/Sponsorship Jon Boub jon@skylandscycling.com

Please feel free to contact Skylands Cycling. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have about our club, our rides or our races. You can email us at info@skylandscycling.com or contact one of our club officers.
Needed: Nominating Committee; chairman, members, and nominees
(for 2011 board).
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