Officers and Board * 2014
USAC 2006
USAC 2006
President Wayne Lumkong Wayne@SkylandsCycling.com
Vice President John Scully JohnS@SkylandsCycling.com
Secretary Eileen Griffiths Eileen@SkylandsCycling.com
Treasurer Gary Worth Gary@SkylandsCycling.com

Director (Recreation) Scott Smith Scott@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Development) Helene Motyka Helene@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Public Relations) Terri Grazevich Terri@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Sponsorship) Tim Saxon Tim@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Racing) assigned/event___@SkylandsCycling.com
·Augusta Training Series Craig Blake CraigB@SkylandsCycling.com
·High Point Hill Climb Time Trial Gerry Remsen Griz@SkylandsCycling.com
·Giro del Cielo Stage Race Wayne Lumkong Wayne@SkylandsCycling.com
·Sussex County CycloCross (SCCX) John Scully JohnS@SkylandsCycling.com

Please feel free to contact Skylands Cycling. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have about our club, our rides or our races. You can email us at info@skylandscycling.com or contact one of our club officers.

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