Officers and Board * 2016
USAC 2006
President Scott Smith Scott@SkylandsCycling.com
Vice President Mike Garland MikeG@SkylandsCycling.com
Secretary LeeAnn Laccetti LeeAnn@SkylandsCycling.com
Treasurer Chet DeStefano Treasurer@SkylandsCycling.com

Note: All director and staff appointments are pending and will serve at the pleasure of the President.
Director (Rec/Rides) to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Development) Helene Motyka Helene@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Public Relations) Terri Grazevich Terri@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Sponsorship) Tim Saxon Tim@SkylandsCycling.com
Director (Events) to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com
·Augusta Training Series Craig Blake CraigB@SkylandsCycling.com
·High Point Hill Climb Time Trial Wayne Lumkong Wayne@SkylandsCycling.com
·Giro del Cielo Stage Race Wayne Lumkong Wayne@SkylandsCycling.com
·Sussex County CycloCross (SCCX) to be appointed ___@SkylandsCycling.com

Thanks to Wayne and Eileen for their services during the last 2 years.

Please feel free to contact Skylands Cycling. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have about our club, our rides or our races. You can email us at info@skylandscycling.com or contact one of our club officers.

USAC 2006