Cedarville Blast - version 3
Mileage turn road note
Start Post Office Parking Lot - No facilities Downtown Branchville
0.0 Left Wantage Ave. Downtown Branchville
0.1 Right @ Stop Main St. up, keep left

Right US 206 north cross at Cook

Left Union Turnpike SC 630 - ChainSaw

Left Morris Turnpike SC 635

Right Kemah Lake Blinker SC 633

Right Kemah-Mecca Lake SC 521

Left Mountain Road SC 617/Bear Swamp

Right Owassa Rd toward Plymouth Pond

Left at Stop SC 617 aka Fairview Lake Road

tight Right Old School House Road Becomes Sand Pond Road

Straight Shannon Road (Harwick) leave Sand Pond

Right Birch Ridge Road Pond/Dam

Left Millbrook-Stillwater Road

Right Maple Lane at crest

Left Mohican Road pass Jacksonburg Road

Left (quick) Cedarville Road / Lake Genevieve (cool) caution

Left Millbrook

Right Jones Lane looks like a driveway

Left SC 521 / Stillwater Road about 5 miles to town

Right at Stop SC 610 / Freedon Road quaint - Gen Store Closed

Left at Triangle Swartswood Lake leave 610/ SC 619

Bear Right SC 619 toward Swartswood Lake aka East Shore Drive

Right at Stop SC 622 toward Newton

Left Frank Chandler Road relax

Right at Stop SC 521 to Myrtle Grove some climbing

Right at Stop Halsey Road/Lawson toward Branchville-SC 626

Straight SC 627/SC 519 Frankford 4 Corners

Straight long light cross US 206
~43.0 miles
2495 ft. el.
Newton Ave
Mill St.
Milk St.
Broad St.
Wantage Ave.
Post Office