Edison Mine Tour
at mile Start Woodbourne Park, Wantage notes - updated 9/6/2016
00.0 Left Sherman Ridge PortaJohns
0.1 Left at Stop Berry Road pebbles

Left at Stop SC 628 1/2 mile, new bridge

Straight at Light SC 565 McCoys Corner

Right at Stop Lewisbug / Beaver Run cross bridge

bear Left Beaver Run toward Lake Windsor

Right at Stop Pond School Road aka DeCourt

Left at Stop Beaver Run aka SC 661 for 1 mile

Right Bunn Road past the "Y"

Right at Stop NJ 94 south traffic for 1/2 mile

Left at Light N. Church Road aka SC 631 toward Franklin

Right at Stop Fowler Street, Franklin becomes Church St.

Straight - Right Corkhill Road Iron Furnace

Left Kennedy Rd, O'burg cross Wallkill River

Left at Stop Main Steet Ogdensburg - SC 517

Right Edison Avenue Heater's Pond

becomes Edison Road Sparta Twsp. - Edison Works

Right at Stop Glen Road - SC 620 fast to stop
Options: left/Sparta, straight/W. Mtn-Monroe, right/Ogdensburg

Straight at Light, cross Main Station Road to Park Bike Path to Sparta HS ~3 miles

Left W. Mountain Road pass Sparta High School

Right Old Prospect School Road you are moving

tracks Old Prospect thank you, ma'am

Straight l/r Hopkins Corner Road cross NJ 94, Monroe

becomes Monroe Road drainS on right

Left Pelletown Road toward Hopkins Corner

Straight at Stop Pelletown Road cross Beaver Run, Hopkins Corner

Right Pelletown Road straight is Losey

Right at Stop SC 565 (north) Newton-Sussex Road

Left Plains Road toward Fair Grounds

Right Davis Road becomes Pidgeon Hill

Left at Stop Beemer Church SC 637

Right Haggerty Road SC 635

Left Decker Road electric dog fence

Right Vandergoot Road 100 yards

Right at T Dyer Road bridge repaired

Right SC 628 almost home

Left Berry Road

Right Sherman Ridge Road 100 yards
~39.0 Right Woodbourne Park home