Emu Views on Sunday, May 22, 2016
Start at Kittatinny High School at 1 PM

Key: ISD = in short distance – About 25 or so miles, C terrain, easy pace

Roll-Out of Kittatinny H.S.

Right onto SC 626 – ISD R onto Kings Rd. through development

R - onto SC 627- Branchville/Lawson Rd. then R at 4 way intersection (caution)

L at Augusta Hill. Caution crossing over to turn left

ISD – R turn onto Price – Stop, cross US 206 onto Decker

BL as Snover goes right, come to T with Mud Cut turn L then stop at Rt. 15

Cross onto Ice Plant. At T, L onto SC 661- Beaver Run. ISD, R onto Van Sickle

At T turn L onto Meadows then R onto SC 661 and past the Lafayette School.

next R onto Monroe. At T go L. (low gear short steep climb) about 10 mls. so far.

At next intersection ( Emu Farm on left) go R. low gear immediate climb

Next L onto Franek (stop to regroup) Nice downhill to T with Bunn. Turn L

onto Bunn out to T with SC 661-Beaver Run, turn L (series of easy rollers)

At next intersection with Pelletown go R but regroup. Pass Snook's Farm.

Pelletown goes R, stay straight and ISD turn L onto David Dr. through development.

BL changes to Park Drive and past Bob & Andrew LoGiudice’s house, WAVE!

Exit L on Crystal View to a R on Fenwick. ISD BR on Armstrong.

Caution- down hill to T with SC 565, stop. Cross 565-L down to a R onto Linn Smith

Regroup if necessary then L at T with Plains Rd. ISD R onto George Hill

At T with Wykertown go L around curve(more EMUs), short climb, descend into Branchville

Go L onto Broad St. in town center down to R onto Milk Street, L on SC 519 out to US 206

Cross 206, to next 4 way intersection – caution, straight, then ISD L onto Church St.

Pass Marian McKeon School & Balesville Chuch. R onto SC 626 - Halsey Rd.

R into Kittatinny H.S. parking lot.

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