Guymard Lake - Oakland Valley Views (GF *epic class - ~70 miles/~6,000 feet)
Mileage turn road notes * revised 8/13/2014
0.0 Right (N) Sherman Ridge Road Woodbourne Park - start
1.2 Straight (N) Sherman Ridge Road cross Libertyville Rd.
1.5 Right Smith Road very Steep Downhill turn/stop
2.8 Right/Right at Stop NJ 23 South toward Sussex
2.9 Left Central School Road rolling/climbing
4.d Left at Stop/T Rose Morrow gets steep, then intersection
4.d Right (N) Beemer Road Through Cosh Farm
m.d Left at Stop/T Sally Harden Road blind
m.d Right at Yield/Y Wolfpit Road off camber
m.d Left Quarry Road Lou Dobbs lives right
m.d continue Quarry Road NJ/NY border
m.d Bear Right at Yeild Unionville Road/OC 36 caution
9.d tight Left Pine Hill Road cow crossing
10.5 Straight/Left Minisink Turnpike Mailbox #102
mm.d Right at Stop Mountain Road Greenville, NY
mm.d Cross US 6 at Light Mountain Road Greenville - you'll be back
mm.d acute Left Guymard Turnpike - OC 24 (ups and downs) Finchville
mm.d note *not Old Stage, not Old Carriage Guymard Lake
mm.d kept Right Guymard Turnpike - passing lake rough road north end
mm.d Left Guymard Turnpike - over canal via Bridge following main road
mm.d Right Canal Drive / old US 209 residential
mm.d Right US 209 North Cuddlebackville
mm.d break Deli refuel
mm.d Left Oakland Valley Road - OC 7 near NY 211 intersection
mm.d quay Oakland Valley Road - OC 7 beware of the Bollard
mm.d note County Road 7 becomes Road 49 still in the valley
mm.d keep Left County Road 49 becomes Road 48
intersection Cold Spring
not toward Monticello
mm.d Left NY 42 Forestburgh - toward Sparrow Bush/PJ
mm.d break DQ ? Closed, then next refuel before the climb
48.d Left NY 97 (joined by NY 42) Sparrow Bush toward Port Jervis * Iron Whimsies
mm.d Photo Op Overview Pavilion - NY 97 almost Port Jervis
mm.d straight US 6 - Port Jervis town traffic
52.d Straight at Light US 6 (E) ** 3+%Grade aka G.A.R. Highway
mm.d Right at Light Mountain Road - OC 55 Greenville - Looks familar
mm.d continue Mountain Road - SC 519 NY/NJ border
mm.d bear Left NJ 23 South/SC 519 toward Colesville
mm.d Right SC 519 toward Beemerville/Space Zoo
mm.d Left at Stop SC 628 Plumbsock
mm.d Left 2nd Berry Road bridge out detour
mm.d Right Sherman Ridge Road almost home
69.+ Right Park Drive Woodbourne Park
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