Grinnell Sand and Solar, ca June 2016
Total Direction Dist On Notes:
0.0 Start at Kittatinny Regional High School 0.0 No facilities
0.0 Exit parking lot, Left onto SC 626 - Halsey Road 0.3 *Google mileage
0.3 Bear Left onto Church ST.
(caution cross over)

Pass Marian McKeown School then R onto SC 627

At 4 way stop go R on SC 519 (Frankford 4 Corners)
toward Newton

Left onto Augusta Hill
(caution turning left)

ISD - in short distance, R onto Price
Wind and Solar Power

Stop at US 206, cross onto Decker

Left on Decker, Snover goes Straight/R
go over little bridge
~5.0 At "T" L, MudCut out to NJ 15. Cross onto Ice Plant

Go L at T, onto Beaver Run - SC 661
wave to George

Stay on SC 661, passing Lafayette School
(A few mild climbs)
Right onto Pelletown Rd.
Hopkins Corner

Right at stop, onto Monroe Road
little climb

Pass Old Beaver Run, Straight up hill and down to NJ 94 (regroup)
becomes Hopkins Corner Rd

Cross NJ 94 onto Old Prospect School
caution RR tracks

At "T" go L onto W. Mtn Road 0.2

Right, Continue pass Grinnell S&S out to light at NJ 15 2.5 House's Corner
~15.0 Cross NJ 15 onto SC 669,- Careful at RR crossing
becomes Limecrest

Right onto Randazzo Road
rr tracks

Right at T, onto Sunset Inn Road

Next Left onto Garrison
enjoy garden

Right @ T onto SC 663
aka Warbasse Jct
REGROUP at the T stop, intersection NJ 94, single file

L on NJ 94 to a R onto Snover (pass Valleyview Rd) 0.9 Single File

L/Straight onto Decker out to US 206. Cross onto Price

At "T" with Augusta Hill go L & ISD R onto SC 519 down to 4 way stop.

L onto Branchville Lawson Rd. (caution).
aka SC 627

L onto Kings Rd. through Development
not Church

Left onto Halsey Road - aka SC 626 0.4 almost home
26.7 Left into Kittatinny High School approx revised 6/17/2016