Wantage Homemade Ice Cream Run, (Single Scoop) Version 2, 5/30/15
0RTurn Right out of Frankford Park - SC 519 north, through Beemerville
2.5RKeep Right Rt 628
3.6LTurn Left Berry Rd (2nd Berry)
3.8 RTurn right Sherman Ridge Rd. - crossing Libertyville Road at 4.8 mile
5.5 RTurn right onto Smith Rd - Very Steep Downhill
6.2 RSharp right onto State Rte 23 S
6.6 LTurn left onto Wantage School Rd
8.6 LTurn left onto Rose Morrow Rd
9.7 RTurn right onto Beemer Rd - ½ way down hill
11.4 LTurn left onto Sally Harden Rd
11.5RTurn right onto Wolfpit Rd
12.8 LTurn left onto Quarry Rd
14.2SEntering NY
14.3LTurn Left OC 36, aka Unionville Rd
14.5SBack In NJ
14.6SUnionville Rd - SC 651
17.0 RTurn right to stay on Unionville Rd - over top of hill
19.1 LSlight left onto State Rte 23 S
19.9LLeft into Green Valley Farm ICE CREAM!!!!!!! Caution
19.9LLeft onto NJ 23 South Caution
20.5 RTurn right onto Brown Rd
20.6Br. RTurn right to stay on Brown Rd
22.0 LTurn left onto Hickory Rd
23.1 SContinue onto Coykendall Rd
24.5Br. RBr Right stay on Coykendall Rd
24.7 SCross Rt 519 becomes Lusscroft Rd
26.4 RTurn right onto County Road 519
26.6LLeft into Frankford Park