Wantage Homemade Ice Cream Run, (Double Scoop) Version 3, 5/30/15
0.0PParking 1/4 mile off US 206 - Upper North Shore and Sunrise Mtn Road
0.0LLeft out of Culver's Gap Parking Lot >>Sunrise Mt Rd
4.dROptional Turn Right to parking lot (nice view)
8.dRTurn Right Deckertown Turnpike
12.7RTurn Right Route 519
13.4Br RBear Right Neilson Rd
17.2LTurn Left Dennis Phillips
18.2LTurn Left then Quick Right into Frankford Park
Insert Single Scoop Directions here - 26+ miles
18.3LTurn Left Rt 519
19.dRTurn Right Kymer Rd
20.6RTurn Right Upper North Shore
23.6RTurn Right into Culver's Gap Parking Lot