Mt. Adam and Mt. Eve
at mile Start Lawrence E.S., Ryan Rd, Wantage notes
0.0 Left Ryan Road
0.2 Straight Layton Road
1.0 Left at Stop NJ 284 North caution - 2.5 miles
3.5 Right Owens Station Road
5.6 Left at Stop Lake Wallkill Road aka SC 667

Border NJ/NY Liberty Corners Road

Right Newport Bridge Road toward Amity

Straight at Stop Newport Bridge Road cross OC 26 /SC 517

bear Left Amity Road in hamlet

Left Feagles Road

Left at Stop OC 1 to bottom of hill

Right Little Brooklyn Road

Left Little York Road over Mt. Adam

keep Right Mt. Eve Road

Left Big Island Road continue straight

Right at Stop OC 6 aka Pulaski Highway

Left Cross Road aka OC 42

Left at Stop Maple Road aka OC 37

Left at Stop Lower Road aka OC 12

Right Garnerville Road brook view

Left Carter Road / OC 62 cross bridge

bear Left OC 62 see the Camels

Right Lower Road aka OC 12

bear Right OC 1 toward Westown

Left Lower Road Not OC 12

Left at Stop Oil City Road aka State Line Road

Right at Stop Liberty Corners Road

Border NY / NJ becomes Lake Wallkill Road

Right Owens Station Road

Left at Stop NJ 284 south caution

Right Layton Road

Straight Ryan Road

Right into Lawrence School home