Ride for Pie (Father's Day 2013)
0.0 R Sandyston Walpack School — Go out to CR 560 make RIGHT
0.4 St At Layton Store stay straight becoming CR 640 W. Bevans Rd.
1.7 R RIGHT at stop becoming CR 615
4.4 Bear L Bear Left staying on CR 615 becomes NPS 615
8.9 L LEFT down hill staying on NPS 615
12.1 L At bridge turn LEFT up hill CR 624
14.3 R CAUTION DESCENT At bottom of hill in Millbrook Village, RIGHT onto Old Mine Rd. CR 626
(we will meet other group here)
23.7 St. At stop light Road becomes single lane
26.1 St. Cross under Route 80
26.3 L Hard Left up walkway towards Rt. 80 crossing river on pedestrian walkway
27.8 L At end of bridge and maintenance yard turn LEFT
27.9 St. Ride up Main St.
28.0 St / R Reach junction of Rt. 611 at stop Bear RIGHT onto Rt 611 N. / Main St.
28.2 R Bear RIGHT on Broad St. Bakery is immediately on RIGHT
(Village Farm and Bakery 52 Broad St.)
    Return by retracing route
Mileage - 57               Elevation Gain - 4000 Ft.
Ride for Pie (alternate return route)
28.2 Right Leave the Bakery and good food behind, continue on Broad St - this route does not return to Millbrook.
+0.3 R PA 2028 aka LR45061/Logging Road - this route does not return to Millbrook.
+2.6 Straight Becomes River Road aka PA 2028
+1.5 Bear Right Continue on River Rd / 2028
+7.2 Right Community Drive (leave 2028, toward US 209)
+1.1 Bear Right US 209 North toward Milford
+12.3 Right BC 729 East to Dingmans Bridge
+0.6 Cross Say Thank You to the bridge keeper! Continue straight, becomes SC 560 to Layton (the final climb)
+2.8 Left Layton traffic light
+0.6 Left into Sandyston-Walpack School
~29.2 Total for alternate return route - Mileage from Google Maps.