Skylands Cycling  Cue Sheet


Name of Ride: Vernon to Little Italy                                                    Total Mileage:70


Description: Flat, Three Climbs (Warwick Turnpike, Skyline Drive, and Five Sisters in Engelwood)


Starting Point: Someplace Special Mall (rear parking lot)


Directions to Starting Point: Route 23 to 94 north, at brothers pizza stay on 517 north to ( T ) make left and a right into the first driveway. We head down Vernon Crossing to Church St.




Mileage                    Turn                    Road or Street Name                    Comments

1.0               Right       Church Street                                    are we almost there ?                     

1.5               Left          94 North                                  

1.7               Left          94 North

7.2               Right        Waywayanda

7.2               Left           Hoyt            1 mile climb

8.6                Right         Warwick Turnpik       1 mile climb

9.2                Left            Fork

9.6                Straight     Union Valley Rd.

11.2              Left             Marshall Hill

l8.0              Left                    Skyline Dr.    3 mile climb

23.0              Left                    West Oakland

23.5              Left                    Ramapo Valley

23.8            Right                    Franklin Ave.

28.2                    Right                    Godwin                                   Mobile station/restroom & food

36.7                    Left                    New Maple

37.0                    Right                    Linwood

40.6                    Right                    Pascack

41.7                    Left                    Oradell

43.0                    Left                    Grand

45.3                    Left                    Park

45.4                    Right                    over wooden bridge                       stay right over bridge

45.7                    Left                    Massacusetts

46.0                    Right                    Washington

46.5                    Left                    Grant

47.1                    Right                    Knickerbocker

50.5                    Left                    Palisade Ave.                              two mile climb (five sisters)

52.8                    Right                    Hudson Terr.

53.9                    Left                    Over G,W. Bridge                        enjoy the view

54.4                    Right                    the first street

55.6                    Left                    Haven

56.0                    Right                    Fort Washington

56.6                    Right                    165th St.

57.3                    Left                    Riverside Dr.

62.8                    Left                    72nd St.

62.9                    Right                    West End Ave.

65.3                    Left                    24th St.

66.6                    Right                    9th Ave.        

67.1                    Right                    14th St.

67.3                     Left                    Washington

67.8                    Left                    Spring          

68.0                    Right                    Varick

68.3                    Left                    Grand

70.0                    Left                    Mullberry                   La Mella's Restaurant 167 Mullberry St (.212) 431-9493.                                                              They welcome cyclist and they have a safe place to                                                         keep your bikes         


                                        CUE SHEET TO 42ND ST. FERRY TO WEEHAWKEN


                    Left out of La Mella's to

.2                    Left                     Broom St.

.8                    Right                    6th Ave.                    (Path train on 6th & 14thSt.)

1.8                    Left                    23rd St.

2.0                    Right                     10th Ave.

4.0                    Left                    42nd St.                    Cross over west side hwy. to ferry


We park a couple of vehicles the day before in the parking lot of a hotel in Weehawken driven. We rent a 15 passenger van to drive back in. We usually do this ride around Labor Day weekend.  Sunday is the best day to ride through N. Y. C.