Tour of the Wildcat - version 2, October 2015
Turn@ miles*Road - notes
Park/Start0.0Lafayette Elementary School - park close to road
Right0.0Beaver Run Road
Right0.4Pelletown Road (Hopkins Corner)
Left1.1Geary Lane
Straight1.4Big Spring Road
Right2.9SC 661 - Beaver Run
Right3.1Bunn Road - passing the "Y"
Right4.7NJ 94 South - traffic - move to center/left turn lane
L@Light5.0North Church Road aka SC 631
Right6.4Fowler St, Franklin - Black Bridge
Right6.7Wildcat Road
Straight7.3Wildcat Road - crossing Maple Road - rough road
Right9.1Sterling Hill Road, Ogdensburg
Left9.7West Mountain Road
Right12.0Sparta H.S. Parking lot - bike path
Break12.4Station Park, Sparta - Port-a-John
Right12.6Station Road - leave Park
R@Light12.9Main Street, Sparta aka SC 517
S@Light13.5downtown Sparta - use center lane for straight
Bear Right13.6SC 613 to Lake Mohawk
Right13.8West Shore Trail - the "Plaza" - shops and people
Right15.7North Shore Trail - tight, from downhill
Left-Left16.0SC 517, Sparta-Newton Rd
S@Light16.3SC 616, Sparta-Newton Rd
Right16.6Sussex Mills Road - rough road
Right@T18.2Lime Crest Road aka SC 669
Left19.0Randazzo Road - crossing RR Tracks
Right19.6Sunset Inn Road
Left20.3Garrison Road
Right20.9Warbasse Jctn Road
Left22.1NJ 94 South - traffic, quickly
Right22.6Valley View Road
Straight23.7becomes Mudcut Road
Straight @ Stop23.8crossing NJ 15 - traffic - becomes Ice Plant Road
Left24.1Beaver Run Road
Right24.5Van Sickle Road
Left25.2Meadows Road
Right27.1Beaver Run Road
Right27.4Lafayette Twsp School
*Note: approximate mileage is from Google Maps