Augusta Training Series Rules - 2015
USAC 2006


ATS RACES: We will have an A race for Category Pro/1/2/3 and B race for Category 4/5. There will NOT be a Masters, Women, or Junior race. Everyone will race in their appropriate category. Per USAC rules, women may enter categorized races for men that are up to one category lower than their women's category. (ex. Cat 3 Women may enter B race)

FEES: All races are $20 except Juniors are $15 and may race in their appropriate category. Your signature on the event waiver form is required each week. One bib for the entire series, if lost there is a $5 replacement fee. Annual USAC license is required EXCEPT Cat 5 who may purchase a one-day license for $15 (plus race entry fee).

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please remember to check the website by 3PM if the weather is in question. We will be cancelling the race if we fear for the safety of the racers and sending an email announcement through bikemail (Skylands and NJBA).

VOLUNTEERING: We have been lucky enough to have a core group of volunteers and for that we are very thankful. This year we have implemented a reimbursement program towards non-ATS entry fees for all club members contingent that an individual volunteer for at least two (2) Skylands Cycling events. So schedule a date when you can lend a hand at ATS and earn valuable volunteer recognition. Please remember, children and pets are not additional help and volunteers cannot be responsible for the safety of our racers while watching others.


UPGRADE: If you place in the top 3 of the B race (as a cat4) you will once again qualify to move up to the A race if you wish. But if you win 3 B races you will be REQUIRED to move to the A race at the discretion of the promoter. If you win 3 races that only had 6 people racing then obviously you will not be required to move up. This will remove any possibility of "sandbagging" and offer more of a challenge to all.

RACE WINNERS: Once again the A race will receive monetary compensation for winning (1st-3rd, maybe deeper based on A attendance) while the B racers will receive monetary OR merchandise (1st-3rd, maybe deeper based on B attendance) based on discretion of race director during the season thanks to our sponsor SUSSEX BIKE SHOP.

NO MIXING: This year we will be strongly enforcing the "no mixing of the fields rule". If you are found racing in the wrong field after one field (A field or B field) passes the other you will be DISQUALIFIED. This is for everyone's safety. One field will have white bib numbers and the other field will have yellow bib numbers. There is no reason for confusion. Once again we will ask that the racers be responsible for informing the group about to be passed that they are approaching. The passing field will stay to the left and the other field will push over to the right. NO MIXING!!

PARKING: All racers must park in the PARKING LOT. There will be no parking on the field. Volunteers are the ONLY cars allowed to park near registration for obvious reasons.

HELMETS: Helmets are to be worn at ALL times when on a bike!! Please don't ride down to registration on your bike without a helmet because you will have to go home instead.

LANGUAGE: There are many families who come to watch the races so please watch your language. I know it gets heated sometimes, but be creative with your words instead. I will DQ you for this as I feel very strongly about setting an example for our young ones.

BATHROOMS: Last but not least, the Fairgrounds have some of the nicest restrooms around...USE THEM! Yes, you are in Sussex County surrounded by nature but it is not there for you to "use". You will be DQed if we catch you.

ATS race flyer
USAC 2006