Fall 2018 Kit ordering is Open
USAC 2006
Note: kit ordering closes on September 16th. This is the last 2018 year opportunity.
We will notify you when the kits are available locally, as SC will bring them to Sussex County.
Hello all, - 9/7/2018

  We are happy to announce that Suarez and Bikeland are our kit providers for the 2018 season. If you are interested in in ordering a new kit for Fall/Winter please go to the following link and use password 2018sky to complete your transaction. eVisit https://bikelandinc.com/collections/skylands-cycling.

At the end of the transaction select pick up at Chatham location and Skylands will get the kits up to Sussex County. The ordering window is open 9/7 through Sunday, September 16th. If you wish to try on items you may visit the Bikeland Chatham shop to look at sizing. If you are looking for sizing on odd items it would be worthwhile calling them (973) 635-8066 before heading down.

Please note that Skylands are using the Direct Ordering Process for 2018.

Thank you for being patient,

The Skylands Board

ss jersey and side panels BikeLand/Suarez Contact: Oscar Mejia
BikeLand Shop - website
146 Main Street
Chatham NJ, 07928
Tel: 973.635.8066
Email: Oscar
Corporate Website: SuarezClothing.com/co/