Skylands Cycling

Board Meeting


March 20, 2008

·         Opening Remarks – Blake Hargrave

·         Approve last meetings minutes

·         Budget and Treasury – Greg Hampson

o         Account Balance as if 3/20/08

o         Augusta Series  financials

o         Ideas on utilizing funds for club activites/races, advertizing and members

·         Membership update – Blake Hargrave

o and payment receipt to Greg

o         Current number of members

·         Sponsors and Public relations

o         Review of sponsor sliding scale

o         Sponsorship committee (Brian, Gerry, Dan and Kevin) updates

o         Kit design/order needs to be organized with a committee – Clothing company?

·         Races/inventory

o         Augusta Series update  and ideas on format

o         Giro and Race Up Sunrise Mountain update

o         Inventory Update – offer to old sell items? Clothing?

·         Racing – Kevin Keane

o         TT ‘clinic’ update

·         Recreational Riding – Buz Tomasino

o         Meet and greet date

o         Vermont schedule

o         Rec ride event committees – interested members

·         Website – Bob Perlee

o         Feedback from Board and members

·         By-laws – Buz

o         review (Buz, Dan and Greg)

·         New business

·         Next meeting – date

·         Closing remarks - adjournment