Skylands Cycling

Board Meeting


June 12, 2008

         Opening Remarks

         Meetings minutes update - Gary

         Budget and Treasury update

o         Account Balance as if 6/12/08 - Greg

o         Augusta Series financials - Blake

         Membership update

o and payment receipt to Greg

o         Current number of members

         By-Laws Buz Tomasino

o         Membership adoption of By-laws

         Races and racing update

o         Giro Venues finalized - Blake

o         Race Up Sunrise Mountain recap Rob Rohel (or Blake)

o         Cyclocross Status Dan, Kielty, Blake

o         Velodrome -Brian

o         Team racing update Kevin Keane

         Recreational Riding Buz Tomasino

o         Meet and Greet ride #3 date

o         Vermont update

         Clothing update - Blake

o         New Kits and Banners

         Charity ride Gene and/or Blake

         Website update Bob Perlee

         New Business

         Closing remarks - adjournment