Team Programs

Skylands Cycling is proud to continue its racing initiatives. We, as a club, have prided ourselves not only on our recreational rides, but also for our ability to foster racers throughout the years. As such, we have three different race programs across road/CX, Grand Fondos, and Triathlons. Our race director for this program is Wayne Lumkong, please contact him directly if you have questions.

As always, Skylands will be running our Augusta Training Series in April and May, the High Point Hill Climb Time Trial in April, and our signature event, the Giro del Cielo in July. Please think about supporting our team members and volunteering to work these great events.

Additionally, Skylands Cycling Team members are eligible for Rider Reimbursement Program while recreation members are eligible for RMRB Recreation Program.

Road/CX Team

We have partnered up with Dave Freifelder as a team coach for the Skylands Race Team. This team looks to hone the abilities of some of our best riders and hopefully help them achieve a successful race season.

Team Members:

  • Wayne Lumkong, road captain
  • PJ Bottoms
  • Scott Brennan
  • Victor Centeno
  • Frank Cunha
  • Will Gerboth
  • Peter Goff
  • Andrew LoGiudice
  • Dan Montgomery
  • Tim Saxon
  • George Uhlir


  • Dave Freifelder – email


  • Follow the team – Link

Triathlon Team

We have added a Triathlon team led by LeeAnn Laccetti. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to her.

Team Members:

  • LeeAnn Laccetti, triathlon captain
  • Cheryll Martino
  • Mary Hager
  • Frank Cunha
  • Brian Foley
  • Pundy Punderson
  • Tim Holovacs
  • Finn Holovacs
  • Michael Amideneau

Gran Fondo Team

We will also be establishing and supporting a Gran Fondo team. This team will look to ride a few of our local Gran Fondos with the intent of placing well in them. This team will be led by club member, Joe Petillo.

Team Members:

  • Joseph Petillo, road captain
  • Scott Brennan
  • Chris Cavallo
  • Mike Garland
  • Will Gerboth
  • Jan Maynard
  • Dan Montgomery
  • Sue Moore
  • Paul Stouch