In order to promote Skylands Cycling Club, to encourage volunteerism at our events and to provide support for our riders at other events, we have funded up to specific amount per payout period to divide among our members for the current season.

For recreational riders, we also provide a Ride More – Ride Better (RMRB) program. For more details on this program click here.


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. There will not be any deviation from the rules.

Who qualifies?

All registered Skylands Cycling members within all events in the 4-state region (NJ, NY, PA and CT) and National Championships between the dates of January 1st and December 31st qualify.

What are the requirements?

  • A Skylands Cycling kit must be worn.
  • The member MUST start the event. Crashes, mechanicals, being pulled from the course, etc. do not disqualify you from reimbursement.
  • Skylands racers & riders must report results to Skylands Cycling President preferably within a week of an event. We will not be tracking anyone down for results, but will verify results submitted.
  • Qualifying events must be within the 4-state region of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York or Connecticut in addition to National Championships. (If you go to Arizona or Florida for an event, it doesn’t qualify.)
  • Training series type races do not qualify for reimbursement; that means Augusta, Branchbrook, and others.
  • Skylands racers and riders must volunteer at one club sponsored activity before each reimbursement deadline to be eligible for that payout period.

How does it work?

  • There will be 3 payout periods. The first payout will be after June 30th. The second payout will be after September 30th and the third payout period will be after December 31st. All races must be submitted for the 1st period by July 17th, for the 2nd period by Oct 9th and for the third period by February 7th. Download reimbursement form, fill-in, and submit the form before payout period.
  • There will be a cap of $30.00 reimbursement per event day. Even if you do 3 races at an event, you qualify for up to $30.00 that day. Total number of event entry fees will be divided into 40% of the total reimbursement pool at the June 30th deadline to determine per rider reimbursement. Similarly 40% of the total reimbursement pool at the September 30th deadline. Any surplus will be applied to the third period. *Dues dates are approximate.
  • To encourage Junior members, there will be a $35.00 reimbursement cap per event. The same rules apply for multiple races at an event.


John Smith does 2 categories at an event, he may qualify for a maximum of $30.00 (or $35.00 if a Junior) for that day of racing. However, at the end of the June 30th deadline, (hypothetically) if there were a total of 100 entry fee submissions for reimbursement, John would receive $25.00 for that day of racing, but only if John met all the other requirements from above. If John did 10 USAC races he would receive $250.00 after June 30th.

Any unused funds for the first and second periods of reimbursement will be transferred over to the next payout. The $30.00 or $35.00 cap will still apply regardless.

Success and continuation of a rider reimbursement fund depends totally on every Skylands member becoming familiar with these requirements and fully participating with the spirit of our objectives. We wish to develop and promote our riders to strengthen our club, the minimal requirements will help to ensure that the club as a whole benefits. Promoting team spirit and team cohesion is our ultimate goal.