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Skylands Cycling Team Members

Name USAC License # Additional Team(s)
John Autore 68685
Craig Blake 253680
PJ Bottoms 396025
Scott Brennan 514408
Chris Cavallo 527294
Victor Centeno 455433
Ray Cipollini 6945
Frank Cunha 469082
Peter Fowler 468888
Viky Gerboth One-Day License
William Gerboth 433737
Peter Goff 520692
Darius Goral 45386
Wyatt Goral 312550 (CCB Racing), Univ of Colo, Boulder
William Hoer 500778
Andrew LoGiudice 228586
Wayne Lumkong 63497
Dan Montgomery 490946
Greg Ocdinaria 557641
Joseph Petillo 395879
Gerard Remsen 29530 (Black Bear Cycling)
Sebastian Rodriguez 428954 (Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions)
Tim Saxon 241588 (Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions)
John Scully 365557 (Team ProPower/Cycle Solutions)
William Trautz 35874
William Stern One-Day License
George Uhlir 401548

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