Recreational and Tour Rides * 2017
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Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, 9/11, New Year's Day
Thursdays KVSP
Evening B/C rides will resume with DST/March, end with EST/November
Paul - email: Paul@SkylandsCycling.com - Director of Development
Eileen - email: Eileen@SkylandsCycling.com - Director of Social Events
tba - for each event
Ride Leader Progam:
How to become a Leader, role, responsibilities, and rewards.

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Annual 2017 RMRB Rider Recognition
KOM for most miles is Mike Garland, 5947 miles
KOM for most rides is John Delaney, 172 rides
QOM for most miles is Donna Puizina, 4180 miles
QOM for most rides is Kelley Barrick, 66 rides
November Challenge: Most Miles
"QOM" Martina Freeman with 45.5 miles
"KOM"John Delaney with 613 miles
Random Winner: Marcus Freeman
October Challenge: Group Ride
"QOM" Donna Puizina with 12 friends
"KOM" Bob Hoffman with 12 friends
Random Winner: Buz Tomasino
September Challenge: Longest Ride
"QOM" LeeAnn L with 57.2 miles
"KOM" Sean Mankiw with 128 miles
Random Winner: Danielle C
August Challenge: Most Rides
"KOM" Joe Sutherland with 21 rides
"QOM" Helene Motyka with 9
Random Winner: Marcus Freeman
July Challenge: Longest Ride
"KOM" Shane Rieger with 203.6 miles (Wantage to Cape May)
"QOM" Martina Freeman with 51.9 miles
Random Winner: Rob Myre
June Challenge: Elevation Gain
"KOM" Mike Garland with 39,322'
"QOM" Donna Puizina with 36,081'
"KoF" Buz Tomasino, 518 miles
Random Winner: Chet DeStefano
May Challenge: Most Rides
"KOM" John Delaney with 22
"QOM" Helene Motyka with 14
Random Winner: Cesar Elejalde
April Challenge: Most Miles
"KOM" Mike Garland with 651, runner up: John Delaney with 634
"QOM" Donna Puizina with 532, runner up: Helene Motyka with 450
Random Winner: Frank Brincka
Winter Challenge: see you at Spin and Yoga


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Instruction to join the Skylands RMRB group:
Method #1
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  2. Click on the magnifying glass that is located to the right of the word STRAVA on the top left of the page.
  3. In the drop down choose Clubs and in the search window type Skylands or RMRB.
  4. Click on Skylands RMRB.
  5. Click on Request to Join.
Method #2
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  2. Click on Explore and Choose Clubs.
  3. In the Club Name Field type Skylands or RMRB and then click Search.
  4. Click on Skylands RMRB.
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RMRB Strava Administrator: Paul email
2016 winners are: Mike Garland: 7,686 miles, 2nd John Delaney: 5,830 miles.
Of note: Mike G. rode 10,052 miles in 12 months - Most program rides, Mike: 171.
1 Month Records: Tiffany Smith: 1,099 miles, Chet Basher: 1,821 miles. (ca 2012)
USAC 2006