Ride Leader Program * 2017
Sponsor - Dave Stern Tires

Your Board developed this new program to increase the number and variety of group rides available this cycling season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an officer or director.

The role of a Skylands Cycling Club Ride Leader

A club member who accepts the responsibility of leading a club ride agrees to the following:
  • Post the ride on bikemail at least 3 days prior to ridefor a weekend ride, and as soon as possible for a pickup ride. Please do not compete with existing rides of the same level.
  • State a start point and time, average pace,route distance & terrain description.
  • Choose a cue from club ride inventory OR provide accurate cue sheet for a new ride.
  • Provide copies of cue at the start point & email & to Web.
  • Have participants sign-in on Skylands Cycling waiver sheet with phone numbers.
  • Promote safe cycling, have a safety talk before the group rides.
  • Adopt a "no drop" pace (ride type dependent).
  • SWEEP (or ask another rider if they will sweep for you)if at all possible.
  • IF you need to cancel your ride: Send email at LEAST 2 hours before start time with word “CANCELLED” in the subject AND let our Webmaster know.
  • After the ride: Account for all riders.
    Completed waiver sheet must be given to Club Rec Ride Coordinator to receive credit.

Ride Leader Rewards

  1. FUN riding with others.
  2. An excuse to ride.
  3. Pleasure of sharing your cycling knowledge & skills
  4. Recognition** at annual Club Holiday party ** requires leading at least 10 rides before the party.
  5. Lead:
    1. 10 rides: free annual Club membership (for following year)
    2. 15 rides: $25.00 gift card OR be reimbursed for one registration fee (maximum $35 ) for a charity ride event. (i.e. MS, Diabetes, Cancer, Catholic Charities)
    3. 20 rides: choice: $50.00 gift card or Club jersey for leading 20 or more rides.

Ride Pace / Description guidelines:

A Expert/Highly Experienced. 17-19+ mph avg, – on flats >23 mph, Demanding terrain. Typically 30-60 miles. 'A' level rides drop slower riders unless otherwise specified.

B+ Strong/Highly Experienced. 16 -18 mph avg – on flats >20 mph. Hilly terrain & steep climbs. Typically 30-50 miles

B Strong/Experienced. 15 – 17 mph avg – on flats 18 mph. Moderately hilly/rolling terrain & steep climbs.Typically 30-50 miles.

C+ Solid. 14 – 16 mph avg- on flats 17 mph. Moderately hilly/rolling terrain & steep climbs. Typically 25-40 miles.

C Solid. 13 – 15 mph avg – on flats 16 mph. Rolling terrain & moderate hills/climbs. Typically 20-30 miles.

Revised 3/28/2017
USAC 2006