Gravel + Cinders + Rocks/Dirt + Grass = Off Road * 2016
Sponsor - Dave Stern Tires

Hello Skylanders, the interests of the club are evolving and going with the trends, we are going off road. There are many great off-road venues near our standards.

Gravel Grinders: Back roads, logging trails, offer a great get-a-way from the traffic. Listing for supported rides can be found on BikeReg.

Rails to Trails (Cinders): Most rail beds are relatively flat with less then 2% grade. Sussex County is crisscrossed with abandon lines. Learn more about the Conservancy and local routes here, Link

CycloCross - CX (grass&dirt): CX racing season is from September 1st to February 28th. The cross bike is great in bad weather on the road.

FAT Bikes: have taken off in a big way offering fun and fitness at a slower speed. Pay for supported events through BikeReg

Mountain Bikes: Visit our local State Parks and Forests. Most trails are well marked and ridden. NJ State Parks and Forests, Link

Most routes can be ridden with almost any bike with wider tires. The real mountain rides require mountain bike with knobby tires. Many hiking trails are also open to cyclists. However, stay off the Appalachian Trail(AT). NJ Park Rangers are actually NJ State Police. They will ticket.

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