Woodbourne Park - Stillwater Sled
l/r/s road/route on the road elapsed notes
Group Park 0.0 0.0 sorry, no water
Left Sherman Ridge Road 0.01 0.01 construction
Right Berry Road 0.49 0.50 careful
R @ Stop SC 628 2.5 3.0 toward Beemerville
Stay Left 628 joins SC 519

Straight SC 519/Wantage Ave.
observe Sprint Line/Beemerville
Left Klimas Road
REGROUP @Frankford Park
Right Gunn Road

Sled Ride
R @ Stop Wykertown Road/SC 629

toward Branchville
Straight Wantage Ave./SC 519

bumps into town
S @ Stop,left SC 519 - Downtown
REGROUP cross US 206
S @ Light Newton Ave/SC 519

toward Halsey
S @ Stop SC 627/Branchville - Lawson Rd

Frankford 4 Corners
Bear Left Church Road

toward Balesville
keep right Church Road

toward K.H.School
bear Right SC 626/Halsey Road

Past Kittatinny HS
Bear Left Parsons Road
nature break on left

Right @ T Junction Road

toward Stillwater
becomes Creamery Road

Railbed up on left
R @ Stop SC 622/Newton-Swartzwood

cross Paulinskill
water stop Stillwater
Pizza deli
R @ Stop SC 521
REGROUP toward Branchville
R @ Stop SC 626/Halsey Road
REGROUP Myrtle Grove
Straight SC 627/Branchville - Lawson Rd

to Frankford 4 Corners
S @ Stop SC 519

toward Branchville
S @ Light SC 519
REGROUP cross US 206
thru town SC 519/Wantage Ave.

toward Selective
Bear Left SC 519/Wantage Ave.

toward Beemverville
over Sanctuary Hill

toward Frankford Parks
"77" (mile) SC 519
REGROUP 1 mile to Sprint
"372" (mail) SC 519

1 kilometer to Sprint
Line SC 519
Pedestrian cross walk
Straight SC 628

almost home
Left Berry Road

more almost home
Left Sherman Ridge Rd.
then Woodbourne Park