Sponsorship Opportunities 2011
USAC 2006
USAC 2006
Description Spots Available Investment
Title Sponsor 1 $5,000
The title sponsor is the main source of revenue for the current year. The title sponsor has the following benefits:
  1. Lead Sponsor logo on all club material including clothing, web site, banners and promotional material.
  2. Two free entries into any club sponsored events.
  3. A press release by the club recognizing the support.
  4. Participate in the start/finish of club sponsored events.
General Sponsor 4 $1,000
  1. Second largest logo on all club clothing
  2. One free entry to any club sponsored activities.
  3. A press release by the club recognizing the support.
  4. Recognition on web site.
Contributing Sponsor 6 $500
  1. Third largest logo on all club clothing.
  2. Recognition on web site.
Supporting Sponsor
Under $500
  1. Recognition on club web site.
Supporting Retailer Offer Member discount
  1. Promoted to club membership on web, newsletter and email.
Please feel free to contact Skylands Cycling. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have about being a club sponsor. You can email us at info@skylandscycling.com or contact one of our club officers.
Please note that ThorLabs has graciously accepted the position of title sponsor.
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