Gunks Centry II - August 8, 2004

I was asked, a few times, which century I thought was the best. I tried to make a few comparisons. The road conditions were a little wet to start on the 1st, but a road got ground up for the 2nd. The distance and course stayed the same. There were no complaints about all the rolling climbs, just smiles when I kept saying "this is the last climb" or "it's all downhill after this".

I was a little off when I said the course was 90% flat on the cue sheet. I was only referring to the first half. Everybody on both rides even went the extra mile to do the optional challenging climb to the summit in the park. Marcia, who thought see could only do half the ride, road 85 mls and would have finished the 100, but didn't want to hold up the faster riders who were waiting for the SAG drivers (Deb & Diane)to bring them there car keys and gear. Deb and Diane commented on how the riders on both tours were so determined to make every climb and make it to the end.

The company on both rides was the best any rider could ask for. "Ben was a real rip", Deb said after the 2nd tour. There also was another Ben on the 1st tour who did a great job taking pictures and writing a report. Kurt broke a spoke and had a stubborn leak, so he was lucky enough to ride with the girls. After a few miles of putting up with there joking, he decided to fix his wheel and finish the ride. Good job girls.

I enjoyed putting the rides together and had fun doing them both, so there is no difference between the two centuries except the 1st had 7 riders and the 2nd had 9. Thanks to Bob, Keith, Eric, Ben, Catherine, Mike, Marcia, John, Kurt, Jeff, Tracy, Buz, John, and Ben, and especially to Deb and Diane for making both rides a success.

Bob S.