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"Bringing North Jersey cyclists and great cycling together"

“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride"
At Skylands Cycling, we have rides - and incentives - for all different levels.

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About Us

Skylands Cycling is a community-based [501(c)(3) – Non-Profit Public Organization] touring and racing club, centered in rural Sussex County, in northwest New Jersey. Our club is run completely by volunteers and our mission is simple: make bike riding as much fun and accessible as possible. We aim to accomplish this by offering a variety of bike riding opportunities in an environment of friendship and support that encourages men, women, and children to enjoy the benefits of biking through all stages of life. Awarded the USA Cycling Division III 2017 Club of the Year for its diverse contributions through cycling.

We have strong race teams competing throughout the region with placements at local, state, and even national championships level...


Skylands Cycling would like to thank our sponsors who support the cycling community.

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