With daylight savings this weekend, I assume we’ll start to see more organized Skylands rides. I wanted to point out a few features on our new website that allows ride leaders to self-manage their rides using Skylands Calendar and riders to find upcoming Rides.  

All members can be Ride Leaders, so if you want to submit a new ride, please do the following:

  • Simply go to skylandscycling.com/skylands-calendar/ and click on Ride Submission Form.
  • You will be brought to page that will allow you enter in your ride information.
    • Enter Ride Name, From Date (optionally TO date), Event start time (optionally end time), Distance (previous mileage available in dropdown), Category selection (A Ride, B Ride, B+ Ride, C Ride, etc.), Enter Location (if recognizes name it will autofill, such as “Kittatinny”), Ride Details (description what to expect), and, if you choose, an image or map picture.
  • NOTE: If you want to set up a recurring ride, then select “This is recurring event” and you’ll be asked following:
    • Dates the recurrences span FROM (starting date) and TO (ending date)
    • Event start time (optional end time)
    • Event Repeats dropdown (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
      • Then based on selection, you pick the days of week or month
    • Leave Event Span to ZERO
    • The remaining fields are similar to above.
  • Once you Submit, it will be posted immediately onto Skylands Calendar. (If upcoming it will also pop up when you first hit the home page.)
    • By default, you will automatically be the Ride Leader and your email (provided during member signon) will be used if anyone has followup questions.
Once ride is submitted, as Ride Leader you can manage any of submitted rides at skylandscycling.com/ride-leaders/ride-submission/
  • Your see list of your upcoming rides by default
    • Select Past Events if you wants to see previous rides you’ve submitted (useful to duplicate or reuse/change past ride)
    • Also have ability to search for ride if have a long list of rides
  • Change any ride by clicking on the name and making the changes to any ride information
  • Duplicate a past or upcoming ride by clicking on “+” then making changes to any of the ride information
  • Delete any ride by clicking on “Delete” just below the ride name
  • Add button is on top right if you want to enter in new ride
As member, if you want to search for a specific type of ride go to skylandscycling.com/skylands-calendar/events/
  • You can search by Ride Name or click on “Show Advanced Search
    • You can search for specific Date(s)
    • Search for specific Categories (A ride, B ride, B+ ride, etc.)
    • Search for specific City/Town (for example find rides out of Andover which would include “Kittatinny”)
  • Once you find a ride, you can click button to add it to you Google Calendar so you don’t forget!
  • You will also see the ride specifics and the ride leader, along with their email, so you can contact if you have questions
As member, you can also filter the main Skylands Calendar skylandscycling.com/skylands-calendar/
  • Just select Event Categories and filter on what ride categories you are interested in viewing on the calendar
  • If you “hover” on any ride, a blurb with ride information will pop up
  • If you “click” on any Ride, you will be taken to page with detailed Ride Information
Lastly, after any member finished their ride, submit a post as “Ride Update” category with a picture on how it went and give kudos to the other riders. skylandscycling.com/member-blog/user-submitted-posts/
All members will be able to read the posts and even provide comments to the your post. skylandscycling.com/member-blog/
  • The comment field can be found at the bottom of the post. All members can comment and reply.
Now that Spring is coming upon us, let’s get out there and ride!!