Let’s face it. No one really knows how long the social distancing will last. Group rides and races may or may not occur for a while. My approach? Find a riding buddy or two that has similar ability and desire to ride.

As likely the newest member of this group, I offer up myself to be that buddy. Here are some details about me and my riding approach.

I am an experienced 55 year old rider. Semi-retired with plenty of time. I live on Little Swartswood Lake and ride from there. I only ride road and often ride an average 25 – 75 mile rides with 2k -3k elevation. Average speed 14 – 18mph

I also do one day Centuries and 7 day 400 mile adventure rides. I also have ridden the California L’Eroica. https://eroica.cc/en/california

You can see my bikes and trip blogging here.  CyclingSteel.com

If interested in riding 2 – 3 times a week (mostly mid day on weekdays), drop me a line and let’s ride…

Kevin Daum