It goes without saying that COVID-19 has impacted every facet of our lives including cycling. Opinions on safe group riding vary greatly from person to person. The decision to join us for a group ride is entirely yours.
The Skylands Cycling Board has discussed how we will proceed with group riding in a time of the COVID-19, and we have put together the guidelines below in an attempt to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and ensure the safety of our members. The guidelines below are in keeping with recommendations from USA Cycling and the other area clubs.
  • If you have been sick or in close contact to someone who has COVID-19, DO NOT come to a ride
  • Masks are not required to ride but we advise to bring a mask to all rides. Consider wearing your mask whenever you are not riding, such as starts/stops and roadside breakdowns. Cafes or shops used for refueling may require masks for entry. 
  • Properly social distance in parking lot before and after rides.
  • Be courteous to other riders when blowing nose (snot rockets) and coughing. Please move to the back of the group to perform these, if safely feasible. 
  • Please try to keep some distance between other riders while riding. 

A sign-in sheet will be required for group rides. If you discover that you have gotten COVID-19 and have attended a group ride, we would appreciate you contacting the club president so others you have ridden with may be advised. (Your privacy will be respected)