07/01/2021 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Ride Leader: Leeannlaccetti Contact:
Distance: 30

Aeroflex Airport

B Ride

All rides meet at the Aeroflex for a 5:30 start time. (Wheels down at 5:30 sharp.)

Your 2021 Ride leaders are…

Mike Garland – B+ Ride (pace 20+ mph)

Mike Amideneau – B Ride (pace 17+ to 20 mph)

Chet DeStefano – C Ride (pace 16+ and under mph)


B and C rides will regroup at all major intersections.

This allows for more diverse paces to be included in one group ride as well as increase the overall ride safety.

The Thursday night route major intersections are…

206 Crossing

End of Creek

End of Maple

End of Southtown

End of Wolfs Corner

206 Crossing


Riders should avoid breakaways from their group. If you find you are breaking away form a group, please move up to the next pace group.

Riders that fall off their pace group, should fall back and join up with the next pace group. The C ride will NOT drop riders.